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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I have to be honest and say, no. I am not ready. I do not know the names of my neighbors and will feel awkward asking them for help. But Why? I was born in the 70's when neighbors were considered your life support. Our neighbors babysat us while our parents went to work, let us borrow sugar-eggs-flour etc, and even disciplined us when our parents weren't around. What changed?

This can't be about race because I live in a all-black neighborhood and still have no idea about my neighbors. The trust has been lost between us and it's time to regain it back! It's time to prepare ourselves for any kind of emergencies because we are not in control of what Mother Nature's next move will be.

I'm not trying to scare anyone. This is not a scare tactic. This is just asking an honest question to protect our lives.

Would our ancestors be proud of us today?

Here's a small list of ideas to help us prepare for emergencies:

  1. Gardening

  2. Canning

  3. Farming animals (🐔, 🐇,🐷,🐄,🐟)

  4. Dehydrating Food

  5. Bartering

  6. Solar Power

  7. Catching Rain (restrictions in some states)

  8. Candles

  9. Flashlights

  10. Ways to make a fire (lighter,matches, etc.)

I'm sure there's more ways, share your ideas by commenting on this post. Tell us how you're feeling about the rest of 2020. How can we help each other as neighbors? Most of all...How can we love each and embrace our differences?



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