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Covid-19 Shutdown Again?! (Let's Be Prepared)

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Let's face it! The first Covid-19 shutdown was pretty scary and weird, that's only if you even believed that this virus is even real. We all got a small glimpse of what people will do when they are in a panic. It seemed like the world stopped for a second as the people stayed in their homes, businesses closed, and stores ran out of supplies.

So, will we have a second shutdown? Are we ready? It really wont matter what political party you belong to or what nationality you are a part of when a second Covid-19 shutdown happens. We all need money, jobs, and security. We all use the same essentials to survive, we all need food and water. We are One.

Here's some of the things you can do to prepare are listed as follows:

  1. Cut Spending. Only buy essential items. Cut out subscriptions.

  2. Stock up on dry foods and canned items.

  3. Switch to a bank that offers at least a 2 percent return. A $10,000 deposit could earn $245 after one year according to cnbc.

  4. Set up an emergency fund even if it's a jar full of coins.

  5. Talk to your family. Discuss ways to work as a team and possibly change to a less expensive lifestyle.

  6. Plan your meals.

  7. Take up gardening.

  8. Dehydrate food.

  9. Take up Canning

  10. Identify Resources in your area.

  11. Ask your doctor for an extra prescription. Stock up on at least 90 days of medication.

  12. Hospitals may be overwhelmed so put together a first aid kit.

  13. Keep spare parts for electronics such as an extra phone charger.

  14. Stock up on cleaning supplies including wipes, gloves, and soap.

  15. Family board games and art activities for family fun.

Lastly, stay safe. Love one another and help others if you can.


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