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Fourth of July... It's Complicated

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The Fourth of July is Complicated for a lot of reasons to Black Americans. Do we celebrate it? Heck yeah we do! BUT, do we think about the fact that America won it's independence from Great Britian July 2, 1776? Hello no, in fact that thought never cross our minds. We could care less because we know that Black People were still enslaved during this time. It would be another 75-95 years later until we were no longer shackled in chains. I can't say we were free because then I would be lying. We still had to go through Jim Crow, Redlining, and systemic rasicm. These are the reasons why Independence Day is complicated for me and other Black Americans.

The author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, the guy who promoted individual liberty and freedom for all owned over 200 slaves and supported the institution of slavery. We only appreciated Thomas Jefferson when he was on the $2 bill when it was popular.

Now I surely don't speak for all black people because we are a diverse group. But I can say that we enjoy our 4th of July day off from work. I can say that we love celebrating with our friends and family on this holiday. I can also say that we are celebrating our ancestors who built this country for free.

We love this country, we fight for this country, and we are here to stay. Because like I said.... it's complicated.


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