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Gardening is My Yoga

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Gardening is Yoga. It can be the most relaxing and calming part of our day where we can connect with nature and exercise at the same time. Once present in our gardens, let's be in the moment, allow nothing else to matter during this time because the left side of the brain will be focused on the health of our plants while the right side will be enjoying the smell.

When we go into our gardens we are connecting to something that is alive, we are interacting with a whole different life form that is gonna either feed our bellies or feed our soul. Let the bond between ourselves and our garden become unbreakable.

Just like life, get rid of the weeds and anything else that does not belong such as those pesky bugs. Protect your garden from all things that want what you have grown. Next, nuture your garden because nurturing leads to growth. Lastly, enjoy the view.


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