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Homeschool Gardening & Petcare

The school year is approaching and some Districts aren't sure how to proceed with the school year for Fall 2020. Teachers are retiring early and some parents will not allow their children to enter a school building during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Researchers are saying that schools are nothing but a petri dish because students will be in too close of proximity to each other from the school bus, classroom, lunchroom, restrooms, and gym class and it's not safe. Online Classes will be an option but some parents will choose to homeschool their children themselves. Either way, it's a good idea to incorporate gardening and pet care as part of their curriculum at any age because very educational.

Gardening and Pet Care provides an opportunity to learn the life cycle of plants and animals by caretaking, gaining a sense of awareness, and being responsible for something other than themselves. The benefits of gardening will be better eating habits from vegetables that the kids grow from their own hands. Gardening is a way to get outside to touch, taste, and smell and get some fresh air. Gardening is also great for bonding with family. Pet Care offers the same opportunities as Gardening. A rabbit, chicken, goldfish, or frog is all a part of nature that can be educational.

Some great ideas for homeschooling are:

  1. Butterfly sanctuary

  2. Worm Bin

  3. Catching Water

  4. Hydroponics

  5. Garden Box Art

  6. Themed Garden

  7. Math (plant spacing, hrs of sunlight)

However you choose to add Gardening and Petcare to your child's education, I'm sure it will be fun and interesting where kids of any age can learn where their food comes from and how to care of pets. In the meantime, let's keep the children educated in the safest way possible!


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