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Benefits of a Candle

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It is unknown who created the candle but different types of candles were used all over the world for over 5,000 years. Initially oil lamps were the first source of light inside homes but it became too dangerous spilling out of the wooden make-shift bowls that the oil was poured in. It has been written that Han China had the earliest candle around 200 B.C. using whale fat or the waxy substance from the sperm of whales. Romans used candles in 500 B.C. and Egyptians used wick candles in 3,000 B.C.. Natural animal fat, tallow, insects, beeswax, plants and wax from tree nuts were all natural sources for candle making. Wicks were made from string, cords, papyrus, and rolled rice paper. Today, we use candles for many reasons. In some regions of the world people still rely on candles for light. We still use them for memorials, church cerimonies, weddings, medicinal reasons, and for spas and relaxation.

It's also really good to know how to make a candle for emergencies because our electricity is not garanteed all the time, especially during a storm. DIY Candle Making can come in handy for many reasons. Examples below:

  1. Cooking Oil- Pour cooking in a glass or metal container, douse wick in oil and make sure it stays above the top, allow oil to solidify before burning.

  2. Crayons- Break up crayons into pieces inside glass or metal container, melt in microwave, douse wick in melted wax and keep on top, allow crayon wax to cool, and use at your leisure.

  3. Mackerel or Tuna in a can- Poke small holes in the center of can, push wick inside hole, allow wick to saturated before burning

Olive oil can be used also using above-mentioned instructions.

Candles also assist in soothing our mind, spirit and the well-being to the body by adding Fragrance oils to them for aromatherapy properties. This process has been used for centuries to relieve stress, manage pain, gain energy and enhance concentration. The oils stimulate senses to help us feel good. Some aromas can even lower blood pressure.

What ever your reasons for using candles just know that every home should have one. Candles can be used for a source of light, rituals, or for aromas. Everyone can benefit from a candle.

Stay safe. Stay Well.


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