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You're Here! Well..Hello Everyone 👋🏾

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I'm super excited to share, learn, and experience my urban farming experience with you. I started urban farming at the top of 2020 a few months before the Pandemic hit and I truly believe that the good Lord himself whispered in my ear and told me to order fish, chicks, and seeds. Seriously, I had this gut feeling to do this, to start an urban farm and I couldn't shake the feeling off. The feeling was so strong that I couldn't wait until I found that perfect piece of land, the perfect farmhouse cottage, or to wait until I was at the perfect retiring age to start being be self-sufficient. I wanted to start now, right now, right at this very imperfect moment this year whether I was ready or not!

My line of thinking during that moment was that 2020 was and is gonna be the year of 'Just Do It' (..In my Nike voice). I am just gonna do everything that I set out to do without waiting on the perfect conditions because to be honest, the perfect conditions may never come. I'm gonna write that book, build my businesses, and loose a ton of weight. Needless to say, boy did I pick the wrong year, but there's no turning back now! We all have to keep moving forward.

Long story short, I am currently farming fish, raising chickens, and growing vegetables.

This is the beginning of a journey that I hope to share and inspire others to become more self-sufficient regardless of where you live, regardless of how imperfect your conditions may seem, and regardless if you think you can't garden, farm, or build because we CAN.

Thank you if you read this until the end. I look forward to sharing and learning together. 💛


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